Cloud Solutions Virtual Office

Much like our clients, LMR is constantly evolving and adapting in today’s dynamic business environment. We’re always adding tools to become an increasingly paperless office, and most recently we’ve transitioned to CS Virtual Office, a suite of cloud-based accounting software.
One of the most significant advantages of using this cloud-based software is that our accountants and clients can access the same set of live books from any computer anywhere. This has unencumbered our training process and helped minimize the possibility of redundant work since any changes made by accountant or client can be viewed in nearly real time without the hassle of transmitting files via email.
Explore a demo by following this link and logging in with the information below —
Username: lmrdemo
Password: demoview1
Once logged in, use Client: DEMO LICENSE to access Client Bookkeeping Solution, or select Demo User (ACS) in the drop-down menu to test out the new Accounting CS.